Sunday, April 15, 2012


This is an old link to my Youtube video from last year: I'm not quite the charmer as you can see but It is helpful when setting up a laptop on those horrible screens in the learning center, more information for this when I get home.

Pod Casts

The pod cast I chose to look at was from the Adelaide University Library and was called: The top 3 things you should know about your library. A direct link to the podcasts page is found here: and I will post my annotated bib on it once I get home tonight instead of during my lunch break at work.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

RSS Feed Annotated Biblography

Librarians, 2011, *Librarians Mater BLogger RSS Feed,* viewed 8th July, 2011,

Is a blog about a teacher librarian named Kathryn Greenhill and her works and studies through her carrier. Quite instructive on emerging web 2.0 technology as well as the over all industry overview, It does tend to variant of subject at some points but they mostly valid and precise usually going of topic to explain abbreviations and so forth. It is an an authrotive blog for its information and many demonstrations, help with abbreviations and information on Web 2.0 tech.

View on RSS Feeds:

My personal view on Rss feeds is they are quite fiddly, I learnt about them several years ago and really never caught on to liking them, sure they give us updates, but again personally I'd prefer to just go to the web site it self every now and then and check for updates.

Rss feeds within a library are a good thing for clients and staff alike, it helps keep track of a number of blogs, wikis, forums and so forth, it helps ensure easy access and back access at a client or staff members request. It also helps with updates with news and feed back to certain postings which are easily found with RSS feeds since most store and index posts for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Technorati and Anotated Citation of a Library Blog

Today's lesson consited of creating and signing up to a couple of library based blogs as well as looking at technorati and igoogle web pages. As you can see previously I have posted a few things from last year and will be using bits and peices of information from previous posts including citations.


With technorati I did a search for emerging 2.0 technology and came up with a few interesting blogs but the one that caught my eye was called The Unquiet Librarian

Technorati is an intresting blog searching tool used for finding blogs of certain levels of authority depending on how you search and refine your information giving you access to literally thousands of blogs of different types from children's blogs for fun and humor, to professional blogs used for day to day access for buisnesses.

Annotated Citation 1:

B. Hamilton, 2010, The Unquiet Librarian, viewed 8th of March, 2010,

The Unquiet Librarian is a blog made by Buffy Hamilton who is a teacher librarian at Creekview High School in Georgia. She uses what spare time and some work time to create this blog about several different aspects of what it is to be a Librarian these days and time, going in to very detailed posts about web 2.0 and Library 2.0 applications and technologies, giving the goods the bads and the in-betweens, giving personal and professional information and thoughts. It is encouraged on the blog to throw down your own oppions and thoughts as well as information in what libraries you may work in.
The blog it self goes into detail about how libraries around the world are constantly changing and is a must for people with a keen interest in 2.0 technologies and different aspects of an ever changing library.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wiki Annotated Bib.

Decatur High School Library, 2009, City Schools of Decatur, viewed 15th of April,

The Decatur started this Wiki in 2009 as a group based project which was based on a roster set for things needed to be done, It grew when more funds were given to the library and ideas were given to include the high school's curriculum which covered the subjects they offer. It is authoritative being used for research within the school along side an open discussion where anyone that has signed up can participate in. The site also allows you to view updates and send you emails to show what has been updated along side resources from e-books to whole lessons being online. Other sources offered by the wiki is the pathfinder resource, allowing you to track certain courses and posts until it is canceled. This site is recommend for people who have an interest in library online resources as well as the development of web 2 environment.

Teacher tube and its annotated eval

Having been playing with TeacherTube over the past few weeks I found it intresting and somewhat a bit of a let down. The site over all is good for its resources but its usabilty is sorely lacking then that of youtube or other video sites, its search function is a bit iffy but onces it working properly it is ok.

Annotated Bib of a video from Teacher tube:

Teachertube, Librarylegend, 2010, Student printing at Wagga Wagga TAFE Library, viewed 18th of April,

This video was made by a group of students up in Wagga Wagga as part of a demonstration for an introductory course in computing, it is both authoritative and precise going through step by step on how to print, giving the prices of the most commonly used printing options, printing options from Microsoft Word. I would recommend this for new students/staff and even for ESL students as it gives visual examples as well, going slow and able to be replayed as many times as needed. It is also possible to download this video and transfer it to other computers or video media devices by usb/email/ect..

Thats it for this post enjoy!!


This is my Rollyo search engine:

I found Rollyo quite interesting, It let me combine my seaches of single sites into one big resource for my use and for public use, I will be intresting to see when Rollyo finishes its beta and goes live properly.